jodiGraduating in 2015 with her BA Combined Honours in African Studies and History, Jodi has engaged in some incredible learning opportunities where she has been fortunate enough to study Kiswahii for two years, and has lived, worked an studied in Africa. Jodi’s passion for Africa began in 2010 with a trip to Kenya with her family where she fell in love with the continent and ended up switching universities to pursue both studies and a career engaging with Africa.

In 2012, Jodi spent her summer term volunteering in Uganda and travelling to Rwanda. In 2013, Jodi spent her summer semester studying in Ghana with the African Studies Study Abroad Course learning about Ghanaian music and its cultural significance and participating in the African studies placement course where she worked as a trips facilitator for Me to We. In 2014,Jodi participated in an international exchange semester at the University of Dares Salaam in Tanzania studying history, learning Kiswahili and experiencing Swahili-coast culture.

With the desire to take part in positive social justice and change, and using her knowledge and lived-experience of Africa, Jodi gained a position with Free the Children, an international charity and educational partner that is based in Toronto. At the beginning of 2015, Jodi worked on the operations team for WE Day, a series of stadium-sized youth empowerment events present across North America and the UK followed by spending the summer facilitating service learning trips with Me to We to Ecuador and India. Jodi finished off 2015 touring North America for three months as the Tour Coordinator for the Kenyan Boys Choir in partnership with Free the Children.

Eager to return to East Africa, 2016 will take Jodi back to Kenya in her new position based in Nairobi as a Leadership Facilitator for Me to We. Jodi’s experience at the Institute of African Studies at Carleton has been pivotal in ensuring her ethical and cultural knowledgeable engagement in Africa.

Review: The Carleton African Studies program was absolutely incredible! I would highly recommend this program as it has given me such a valuable learning experience. Not only has it allowed me to gain hands-on experience, but also the opportunity to study and travel abroad, and engaged in emerging discussions on and about the continent. The interdisciplinary approach to learning, the diversity of classes and the supportive environment of the African Studies community makes for an excellent experience at Carleton. I will be forever grateful to all my professors during my time at Carleton for offering such a unique academic experience and furthering my knowledge on a topic that unfortunately is not explore enough. I feel so lucky to have gained such an irreplaceable university experience.