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August 14 2015


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Academic Orientation & First Day of Classes

Academic Orientation & First Day of Classes

A reminder that September 1st is academic orientation. Feel free to attend information sessions for various programs throughout the day.

An additional reminder that the Fall term begins on September 2nd. Classes will follow a Monday schedule on September 4th.

For more information on the academic year, please refer to the Carleton University Undergraduate Calendar.

3rd Annual Guyana Fun Day

3rd Annual Guyana Fun Day

Sunday, August 16
Eccolands Park, Ottawa
Bring your picnic baskets, coolers, games, tents, tables and lawn chairs. Spend some time with good friends and family. Come knock a game of dominoes, a round of trump or a friendly cricket match! Activities for the kids and fun for all!


Guyanese FOOD will be on SALE.


For more info please contact: HAMESH 613.824.9712; PREM 613.235.8342;ANDY 613.601.7980; DAVE 613.727.1413

Call For Papers: Exhibition of African Art at the Agnes Etherington Art Gallery

Call For Papers: Exhibition of African Art at the Agnes Etherington Art Gallery

You are invited to participate in the design of an exhibition that draws on the Lang Collection of African art that is held at the Agnes Etherington Art Gallery at Queen’s University. The collection holds more than 500 pieces, mostly West African sculptures from the 19th and early 20th centuries and can be viewed on the Agnes’ website.

We are specifically interested in showcasing responses to the collection by members of the African and diasporic communities at both Queen’s, the Kingston community and the surrounding area such as Ottawa. Interested participants are asked to select a piece or pieces from the collection that they would like to respond to. Responses could be in any of many forms such as comparing the piece to a more contemporary work of art or object in their own collections, by story-telling, music, explanatory notes or analysis, poetry etc.

Please let us know if you are interested to participate! Please indicate which piece from the Lang Collection you wish to respond to by including the item number which you will find by clicking on the image on the website (eg M84-132). If you wish to respond by including items of your own in the display, please say if you are willing to loan these items to the gallery for the two years that the exhibition will be open. Any such items would need to be brought to the gallery by end of December so the gallery has time to prepare them for display. We would like to have participants confirmed by September 30, and final selection of pieces and responses completed as soon as possible after that. Responses will need to be ready for submission to the gallery by the end of December.

We will also be holding an information and discussion event at the Gallery Wednesday September 23 although it is not necessary to attend this meeting in order to participate.

Please send your note of intent and any questions you may have to the committee using the contact below:

Dr. Allison Goebel
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Chair, School of Environmental Studies
Room 3125 Biosciences Building, Arch St.
Queen’s University, Kingston, ON Canada
K7L 3N6 613-533-6000 x77660

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