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September 25 2015


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Event @ Carleton: Postcolonial Area Studies


The Institute of African Studies, the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture (ICSLAC) and Sahan Literary Forum  present

Two Events on Postcolonial Area Studies:

“Can the Somali Speak?”
Wednesday, 7 October, 4pm, Dunton Tower Room 2017


Safia Aidid, PhD Candidate, Harvard University& Hawa Y Mire, MES Candidate, York University


After #CadaanStudies: Decolonizing and Democratizing Area Studies” (an ICSLAC Workshop)
Thursday, 8 October, 11:30am, St Patrick’s Building 201D with Safia Aidid, PhD Candidate, Harvard University


About #CadaanStudies: In March 2015, the hashtag #CadaanStudies (translated to #whitestudies) sparked a fierce social media debate around the globe to discuss “questions of power, authority and knowledge production about the Somali territories” and the continued marginalization of Somalis in academic discourse. The conversations generated by #CadaanStudies activism has revealed a new generation of young Somali scholars in the diaspora – multilingual, well versed in Western academia and able to speak back. It has also been a moment which has democratized discussions about knowledge production and the academic field of Somali Studies through social media, as Somalis reacted, responded, engaged and claimed a stake in academic knowledge production about them. These events will reflect on #CadaanStudies and its relevance to decolonizing knowledge production, its future implications for the development of a critical Somali Studies, and the importance of public scholarship and engagement.

Safia Aidid is a PhD Candidate in History at Harvard University. Her research interests include empire, decolonization and state-making, national and cultural imaginaries, political geography, and historical ethnography. She is now working on a dissertation titled “Ethiopia, Greater Somalia and the Somali Nationalist Imagination,” which examines Somali nationalism and its interaction with the Ethiopian state between 1943 and 1988.

Hawa Y. Mire is a diasporic Somali storyteller, writer, and strategist who focuses on themes of Blackness and Indigeniety, (dis)connection and (un)belonging. Her writing is seated somewhere between oral tradition and the written word, celestial and myth, past and present, ancestry and spirit. An MES candidate in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University, her research incorporates traditional Somali stories with discourses of constructed identity while pulling from archival histories of resistance and radical curatorial practices.

Event @ Carleton: Black Diaspora Art Practices Since the 1980s: Critical Reflections on a Journey

== The Sterling and Francine Clark Institute Awards the Inaugural Clark for Excellence in Arts Writing== Morimoto, NYC== May 15, 2006== ©Patrick McMullan== Photo-Neil Rasmus/PMc== ==
  • When: October 05, 2015
  • Time: 6:00 PM
  • Location: National Gallery of Canada, Lecture Hall
  • Cost: Free
  • Event contact: Malini Guha
  • Email contact:

p1741_cosmopolitanDr. Kobena Mercer

History of Art and African American Studies, Yale University

Public Lecture – October 5, 2015

6:00 pm

Lecture Hall

National Gallery of Canada

On-Campus Workshop – October 6, 2015

9:30-11:30 am

“At the Intersection of World Studies and Diaspora Studies”

Multimedia Lab, Discovery Centre

Carleton University Library


One World Film Festival

“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”
Sunday September 27th 10am to 5pm
Saint Paul University, 223 Main Street, Ottawa, K1S 1C4

Feeling inspired? Take the next step toward action with a full day of films, discussions, and interactive workshops with Inter Pares, the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution, and Oxfam Canada. FREE entry. Please reserve your spot here.

10am | Inter Pares
Inter Pares will hold a screening of La fièvre verte (The Green Fever) (in French with English subtitles): this short film was created by Inter Pares, the Université de Montreal’s REDTAC research group and the West African peasant movement COPAGEN based on our research project that documented the impacts of landgrabs on peoples’ livelihoods and food security in West Africa. Inter Pares Africa Program Manager Eric Chaurette, along with some of the filmmakers, will lead a bilingual discussion following the screening.

12:30pm | The Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution
The Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution, whose mission is to empower individuals, communities and organizations to resolve conflicts peacefully, invites you to a two-hour interactive workshop on conflict resolution. Come learn about transformative approaches and tools to analyze and work through conflicts experienced within family, community and the workplace, and we will share success stories about challenging conflicts in Canada and abroad.

3pm | Oxfam Canada
Inside Syria, 12 million people are in need of aid. Almost 4 million more have fled the country and are now living as refugees. Oxfam Canada is proud to screen clips of interview footage from the field, sharing the voices of Syrians who are now in Lebanon and Jordan. Noor is a Syrian refugee, teaching hope to children in the refugee camp, and Haifa is intent on returning home someday. Join us for a workshop to further explore the situation in Syria following the screening.

Le Festival du film One World

«Les actes valent plus que les mots»
Dimanche le 27 Septembre de 10 h à 17 h 

à l’Université Saint-Paul, 223, rue Main, Ottawa K1S 1C4.

Vous sentez-vous inspiré(e) ? Alors prenez un pas de plus vers la mobilisation, grâce à une journée complète de films, de discussions, et d’ateliers interactifs menée par les organismes Inter Pares, l’Institut canadien pour la résolution des conflits, et Oxfam Canada.

L’entrée est GRATUITE. Veuillez réserver votre place ici.

10 h | Inter Pares
Le court-métrage La fièvre verte (The Green Fever) (en français avec les surtitres anglais) est une production d’Inter Pares, de l’équipe de recherche REDTAC (Réseau d’études des dynamiques transnationales et de l’action collective) de l’Université de Montreal, et du mouvement paysan COPAGEN (Coalition pour la protection du patrimoine génétique africain) de l’Afrique de l’Ouest. Il se base sur les résultats d’un projet de recherche sur les impacts qu’ont les appropriations de terres sur les moyens de subsistance et la sécurité alimentaire des peuples de cette partie du continent. Le chargé de programme Afrique chez Inter Pares, Eric Chaurette, ainsi que certains des réalisateurs animeront une discussion bilingue après la séance de projection.

12 h 30 | Institut canadien pour la résolution des conflits
La mission de l’Institut consiste à fournir aux individus, aux collectivités et aux organisations des outils leur permettant de résoudre les conflits de manière pacifique. L’ICRC vous invite à un atelier interactif d’une durée de deux heures abordant ces techniques. Vous apprendrez des approches transformatives qui vous aideront à analyser et à résoudre les conflits, qu’ils soient au sein d’une famille, d’une communauté ou d’un milieu de travail. Les discussions porteront également sur des cas exigeants, vécus au Canada et ailleurs, dont la résolution fut couronnée de succès.

15 h | Oxfam Canada
En Syrie, 12 millions de personnes ont besoin d’aide humanitaire, et presque 4 millions d’autres ont fui le pays et vivent désormais comme refugiés. Oxfam Canada est fière de montrer des extraits d’entrevues filmées sur le terrain, donnant ainsi une voix à des Syriens qui sont maintenant au Liban et en Jordanie. Noor est une réfugiée syrienne qui tente d’apporter une lueur d’espoir aux enfants du camp de réfugiés; Haifa, quant à elle, veut absolument retourner dans son pays natal un jour. La séance de projection sera suivie d’un atelier où l’on discutera plus en profondeur du drame syrien.

2015 International Conference on China and Africa Sustainable Urbanization: A Canadian and International Perspective

We are pleased to announce that UN-Habitat and the University of Ottawa will be hosting the first ever International Conference on Chinese and African Sustainable Urbanization (ICCASU) at the University of Ottawa, between October 24 and 25, 2015. This conference is now open to the general public for registration (please visit at

This interdisciplinary conference will explore urban challenges in China and African states with both a Canadian and international perspective. Specifically, the ICCASU will feature panels on urban development in China, Canada and African nations, as well as a special workshop on urbanization and identity-based tension (please see the program overview at The ICCASU enjoys the support of prominent keynote speakers including Caroline Andrew, Alioune Badiane, Jonathan Barnett, Joe Berridge, Allan Cain, H.E. ANU’A-GHEYLE-Solomon-AZOH-MBI, Chaolin Gu, Evelyn Peters and John Zacharias. Scholars and practitioners across a wide range of disciplines and cultural backgrounds will gather at the University of Ottawa to discuss the aforementioned topics, thus providing an opportunity for discussions regarding Chinese and Canadian engagement in African states and strengthening the partnerships.

For more information on ICCASU, please visit at

Regular audience price: $150

Special local Universities (in Ottawa area) student rate* for a two-day Conference pass

(Deadline is September 30th):


$ 15 (refreshments + African Night)
$ 35 (refreshments + lunches + African Night)
*A valid student ID is required in the entrance of the ICCASU conference day.

Registration and Payment Method:
By cash in person:
SMD038A,  University of Ottawa
Mr. Gaoxiang Li, GLI105@UOTTAWA.CA, 613-619-4668

Internationale sur le défi du développement durable en Chine et en Afrique avec des perspectives canadiennes et internationales (ICCASU)

C’est avec grand plaisir que nous vous annonçons que l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’Habitat (UN-Habitat) et l’université d’Ottawa organiseront une toute première conférence internationale sur le défi du développement durable en Chine et en Afrique avec des perspectives canadiennes et internationales (ICCASU). Cette conférence aura lieu à l’Université d’Ottawa du 24 au 25 Octobre 2015 (SVP visiter à


Précisons que ICCASU est une conférence multidisciplinaire ayant pour objectifs d’analyser et de lancer un débat sur le défi de l’urbanisation en Chine et en Afrique en incluant les perspectives canadiennes et internationales. L’enregistrement est actuellement ouvert à celles et ceux qui souhaitent participer à cette conférence. ICCASU organise principalement trois panneaux sur la Chine, l’Afrique et le Canada, d’une part, et un atelier sur l’urbanisation et les tensions éthiques, d’autre part (pour voir le programme de la conférence, SVP consulter à


Les experts et les chercheurs avec des expertises et des bagages culturels variés se rencontreront à l’université d’Ottawa pour mener des échanges et des débats riches et engagés sur le défi du développement durable dans le domaine de l’urbanisation en Chine et en Afrique avec des perspectives canadiennes et internationales en vue de lancer une coopération tripartite et en synergie dans ce domaine.


Pour de plus amples informations sur cette conférence, nous vous prions de visiter ce site :


Tarif pour une passe de la conférence de deux jours pour le public est de 150 $ par personne ;


Tarif préférentiel pour une passe de la conférence de deux jours pour les étudiants dans les universités locales à Ottawa est de :

15$ : café snacks + Soirée Africaine.

35$:  café snacks + déjeuner + Soirée Africaine.


NB : Une carte d’étudiant est exigée pour vérification.

Le 30 septembre est le dernier jour pour le payement et l’enregistrement du tarif préférentiel.


Comment s’enregistrer et payer ?


Transfert par interact :



Payer en liquide (Cash):

contacter Mr Gaoxiang  au Pavillon Simard, 038A, Université d’Ottawa


Tél: 613-619-4668


Ce sera pour nous un grand plaisir de vous voir participer nombreux à cette conférence au mois d’octobre prochain.


Pour d’autres questions et informations, adressez-vous SVP par courriel au comité d’organisation ci-après :





Business Summit (Reserve FREE Seats) in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Montreal

You are invited to reserve a free seat online to the upcoming Friday Sept 25th Black Business Summit in Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary & Toronto.

These events are very identical, each location will have its own speakers, attendees, volunteer and host.

How to get involved:Reserve your Seat, Spread the word, Partner with Us or Book a Table
VENUE: Ottawa:- Sandy Hill Community Center (Main Hall) , 250 Somerset St. East. Ottawa ON
TIME:- Arrivals:- 6pm, Conference Starts:- 7pm & Ends 9pm

Dress Code: – Corporate/Business


Official Event Hashtags:-
#BlackBusinessSummit (Then add your city #Ottawa or #Calgary or #Montreal or #Toronto)
or  #BlackCanadians (Then add your city #Ottawa or #Calgary or #Montreal or #Toronto)
– To unite, showcase and strengthen business owners and professionals.
– Expect to hear ideas and information that will better position you for success, productivity and much more.

REMINDER: Talk @ Carleton: “Citizenry, belonging and popular music: Egypts Coptic Christians post-2011”

  • When: September 30, 2015
  • Time: 1:00 PM
  • Location: Paterson Hall
  • Room: 433 (History Lounge)
  • Cost: Free
  • Intended Audience: Anyone
  • Event contact: Institute of African Studies
  • Email contact:
  • Phone contact: 613-520-2600 x 2220

The Institute of African Studies presents a Brownbag Seminar talk entitled  “Citizenry, belonging and popular music: Egypt’s Coptic Christians post-2011” with Dr. Carolyn Ramzy, Music (School for Studies in Art and Culture), Carleton University. For additional information and poster

Note: Session will end at 2:15pm

Decolonizing The Mind Summer School Amsterdam July 24 – August 5 2015

The International Institute for Scientific Research is organizing the second edition of the Decolonizing The Mind Summer School in Amsterdam. The following information is available about the Summer School:

1. The most important information is the brochure with the detailed description of the Summer School:

2. The next important document is the application form:

3. Furthermore we have the website:

4. Finally find us on Facebook:

University of the Free State:Post-doctoral Fellowships

Post-doctoral Fellowships

Applications are invited from researchers interested in post-doctoral fellowships to pursue research and publication goals. Three post-doctoral fellowships will be available in 2015 and 2016. .

Applications should be sent to and should include a cover letter, a comprehensive outline of the research on which the applicant’s publication(s) will be based, a current CV, an academic transcript and two letters of recommendation, including one from the applicant’s primary thesis advisor.

The successful candidate’s research agenda should concern one of the following and/or related topics: understanding the aftermath of political violence and mass trauma; new perspectives on victim-perpetrator dialogue after political violence and mass trauma; witnessing and testimony, etc. Other areas of research that will be considered include gender perspectives and comparative studies in the areas outlined above, research on women’s experience of mass violence and the problem of the rape culture against women in post-conflict societies. We are particularly interested in post-doctoral research publications that will explore new avenues of inquiry in any of the areas outlined.

The post-doctoral fellowship opportunities are open to candidates from all gender and racial groups, and to all nationalities. Applicants can be from any discipline in the humanities and social sciences, including literature and the arts.

The terms for the fellowship are:

  • The post-doctoral offer requires residence in Bloemfontein, South Africa.
  • Applicant should hold a PhD degree. The period that has elapsed since obtaining the PhD qualification should not exceed three years at the time of application.
  • The post-doctoral fellow will be required to have at least two articles published or accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals by the end of the fellowship year.
  • Deadline for applications: Open.
  • Fellowships awarded may be taken up in January and July in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Application Forms for Post-doctoral Fellowship Click to download application form


Other required documents

  •  CV
  • Certified copy of ID / passport
  • Certified copies of qualification, certificates and academic records

Apply Now: Jennifer Potter Emerging Leaders Fellowship

Deadline: 1 October, 2015

The Jennifer Potter Emerging Leaders Fellowship is a groundbreaking effort to inspire and empower the next generation of young African business leaders. Launched in 2013, the program was undertaken in recognition of Jennifer Potter, former IGD president & CEO, to commemorate her dedication to expanding economic opportunity throughout her career, particularly among women. The Emerging Leaders Fellowship program is one of the pillars of IGD’s Leadership, Employability, and Skills (LES) program.

The Emerging Leaders Fellowship supports the rise of African business leaders as a way to ultimately reduce poverty through investment in the developing world. The program exposes Fellows to a wealth of knowledge and expertise
by providing them with exclusive access to IGD’s influential Frontier 100 Leaders Network under a one-year sponsored membership program including travel costs to the Africa-based Forum. Each Fellow will participate in small group, peer-to-peer discussions, and partake in exclusive mentorship activities. Fellows will gain valuable insights about how to operate a successful business in Africa and drive meaningful social impact in their communities. The program also provides Frontier Leaders exposure to local business leaders who can share highly-valuable ‘localized’ knowledge on best practices to penetrate targeted African markets relevant to members’ businesses.

Each year, IGD selects two promising young business leaders who demonstrate a commitment to development in Africa through strategic business growth and investment. Candidates should meet the following criteria:

  • Nationality: Candidates must be African nationals with a commitment to pursuing their career on the continent.
  • Age: Candidates must be under the age of 40.
  • Work experience: Candidates must be executive leaders in their company, CEO-level preferred.
  • Commitment: Candidates are committed to fulfilling the necessary requirements to actively participate in the Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program. This includes attending IGD’s Frontier 100 Forum during the sponsorship tenure.
  • Gender: Special consideration will be given to female candidates, however male candidates will be considered too.

For more information on making your nomination and/or becoming a supporter, visit: or contact Thyra Nast at

Now Hiring: Executive Director Position (Well Grounded)

Well Grounded is hiring a new Executive Director!

Well Grounded is looking for a dynamic, inspirational Executive Director to lead our

team of experienced Organisation Development Practitioners. You’ll bring your passion

for environmental and social justice to the work and you can translate that passion into

action, making sure that Well Grounded continues to enable African civil society

organisations to have real and lasting impacts.

As Executive Director, you will ensure that Well Grounded has the resources it needs to

deliver on its mission and that it accounts for them. Your dynamism will build our profile

and visibility. You’ll be a strategic thinker, someone with vision, and a fantastic

communicator, comfortable in both English and French. You will be an experienced

leader and manager, who relishes working with a strong, self-motivated team and

whose style of leadership is inclusive. You will be ready and willing to travel extensively,

particularly within the Congo Basin and Liberia.

You would be based in London, UK, working with civil society organisations throughout

the Congo Basin and possibly also West Africa. We are looking for someone to join us

as of January 2016.

For more information, please visit the Jobs section of our website: http://well-

Closing date: Before 10 am BST (9 am GMT) on Monday October 5th 2015

Please send any enquiries about the post to


SVP circuler a vos réseaux!

Well Grounded embauche un nouveau directeur exécutif

Well Grounded recherche actuellement un directeur exécutif dynamique pour diriger et

inspirer une équipe de praticiens chevronnés en développement organisationnel. Vous

insufflerez votre passion de l’environnement et de la justice sociale dans votre travail,

passion que vous saurez traduire par des actions concrètes allant dans le sens de la

poursuite de l’objectif de Well Grounded : la libération du potentiel des organisations de

la société civile de façon à ce que leur action soit suivie d’effets réels et durables.

En tant que directeur exécutif, vous veillerez à ce que Well Grounded dispose des

ressources dont elle a besoin pour mettre en œuvre sa mission, et justifierez les

dépenses engagées. Votre dynamisme nous fera mieux connaître et renforcera notre

visibilité. Vous serez stratégique, porteur de vision et un excellent communicateur (en

anglais et en français). En outre, vous avez l’expérience du leadership et du

management, prenant plaisir à travailler avec une équipe solide et motivée. Enfin, vous

êtes disposé(e) à effectuer de nombreux déplacements, particulièrement dans le bassin

du Congo et au Liberia.

La personne retenue rejoindra notre petite équipe à Londres (Royaume Uni) et

interviendra aux côtés des organisations situées dans tout le bassin du Congo, et

possiblement en l’Afrique de l’ouest. Ce poste est à pourvoir à partir du janvier 2016.

Pour de plus amples informations, visiter la page Emploi de notre site web : http://well-

Date de clôture : Avant 10 heures du matin BST (soit 9h00 du matin UTC)  le lundi 5

octobre 2015

Merci de poser toute question par mail à l’adresse suivante

Now Hiring: Organisation Development Practitioner (Well Grounded)

Well Grounded is hiring an Organisation Development Practitioner

We are looking for an exceptional person who understands what makes a community

group, a non-governmental organisation or an activist group effective and who can

share that with organisations in forest countries in Africa.

You will be able to help African civil society organisations (CSOs) to get the nuts and

bolts in place so that they can get on with delivering their real objectives – positive

changes for the environment and local communities. Your sound knowledge of

organisation development will enable African CSOs to grow and improve their work,

making the links between the work they do with communities on the ground and

changing policy at a national level. You have a passion for the issues and you understand

how to convert that passion into effective action, backed up by solid evidence and

communicated clearly. You will be ready and willing to travel extensively, particularly

within the Congo Basin and Liberia, to develop and direct your own programme of work

and to coordinate with other team members and client organisations to make it as

effective as possible.

You would be based in Yaoundé, Cameroon, working with civil society organisations

throughout the Congo Basin and possibly also West Africa. We are looking for someone

to join us as of January 2016.

For more information, please visit the Jobs section of our website: http://well-

Closing date: Before 10 am BST (9 am GMT) on Monday October 5th 2015

Please send any enquiries about the post to


SVP circuler a vos réseaux!

Well Grounded embauche un(e) spécialiste en développement organisationnel

Nous sommes actuellement à la recherche d’une personne aux qualités exceptionnelles,

qui sait ce qui fait l’efficacité d’une association locale, d’une organisation non

gouvernementale ou militante, et qui peut partager son expertise avec les organisations

œuvrant dans les pays africains à fort couvert forestier.

Vous serez capable de donner aux organisations nationales les moyens concrets

d’atteindre leurs véritables objectifs : apporter des changements positifs pour

l’environnement et les communautés locales. Votre expérience solide en

développement organisationnel favorisera la croissance des organisations nationales et

leur permettra d’optimiser leur action ; vous ferez office de passerelle entre leurs

activités de terrain à l’échelon local et les initiatives de changement des politiques

nationales. Vous nourrissez une passion pour ces questions et vous savez comment la

traduire en actions efficaces reposant sur des preuves solides et communiquées

clairement. Vous serez disposé(e) à vous déplacer fréquemment, en particulier dans le

Bassin du Congo et au Libéria, à mettre au point et mener votre propre programme de

travail en coordination avec les autres membres de l’équipe et les organisations clientes

pour garantir une efficacité optimale des actions entreprises.

La personne retenue rejoindra notre petite équipe à Yaoundé, Cameroun et

interviendra aux côtés des organisations situées dans tout le bassin du Congo, et

possiblement en l’Afrique de l’ouest. Ce poste est à pourvoir à partir du janvier 2016.

Pour de plus amples informations, visiter la page Emploi de notre site web : http://well-

Date de clôture : Avant 10 heures du matin BST (soit 9h00 du matin UTC)  le lundi 5

octobre 2015

Merci de poser toute question par mail à l’adresse suivante

Richard Van Loon Scholarship Application for 2015-2016

Awarded annually, on the recommendation of the Richard J. Van Loon Scholarship Committee, this scholarship is intended for an outstanding international student from an African country. Eligible recipients will be full-time students proceeding from one year to another in any program of study at Carleton University. Consideration will be given to students in financial need.

If an undergraduate student is selected, the scholarship will be awarded by the Director of Undergraduate Awards and Financial Aid, if a graduate student is selected, the scholarship will be awarded by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs. Two scholarships will be awarded in total.

An application is required and the deadline to apply is Friday, November 13, 2015.

Carleton University  

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