Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management alumni have gone on to graduate school, law school, internships (through various organizations) and to jobs in all three main employment sectors in several locales.

They are recipients of Ontario Graduate Scholarships, Canada Graduate Scholarships and Entrance Scholarships from the many institutions to which they have applied.

Alumni Chapter members Roberta Kramchynsky and Kevin Reichstein are flanked by Elaine Rouleau (College Administrator) and Barry Wright (College Director)

Alumni Bursary

The Arthur Kroeger College Alumni Chapter is pleased to announce a substantial gift from the College to the new Alumni Bursary. The gift will enable the Chapter to reach the required balance of $25,000 in bursary funds by 2016 with reasonable further fundraising efforts over the coming two years.  The Alumni Bursary will be awarded to a returning Arthur Kroeger College student who demonstrates a financial need in order to continue his or her studies.  The bursary is also counting on the generosity of Arthur Kroeger alumni from all years.  Through the power of crowd funding, we hope that this bursary can start supporting students as early as next year and will continue to grow and provide funding for numbers of students for years to come.

Alumni Mentorship

The Arthur Kroeger College Alumni Mentorship Program has been established to facilitate contact between graduates and current students, providing an opportunity to develop their respective professional capabilities and networks. Alumni mentors help senior students with the transition from study to the workplace or postgraduate studies, and serve as a peer resource to help senior students set career goals and paths and effectively communicate their skills.

Arthur Kroeger College Alumni-Student Mentorship Program Overview

Arthur Kroeger College Alumni-Student Mentorship Guide

For more information on what some of our grads are doing, check out the links below.

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