Kathy Dobson and Scott Mitchell, doctoral candidates in Communication and ALiGN Media Lab affiliated researchers, were both selected to attend the Surveillance Studies Summer Seminar held June 15-21at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

The seminar is held every two years for a select and small group of doctoral candidates from around the world. It aims to provide doctoral students with “an intensive, multi-disciplinary learning experience that addresses key issues of surveillance studies in ways that enhance the participants’ own research projects, as well as providing a unique national and international networking opportunity, and making links between scholarship, policy and activism.

“Since Big Data and Surveillance are both important components of my research looking at governance and surveillance of people living with poverty,” says Dobson, “I was thrilled when I learned my application to the Seminar was successful.

Mitchell agrees that the week-long program was incredibly helpful with his work, adding that being able to meet other doctoral students from around the globe was very rewarding. “We were able to make connections I believe will last for years to come as we find links and overlaps between our research interests and goals.”

“It was amazing to be able to meet with and hear directly from some of the top scholars in surveillance studies,” says Dobson. “These are some of the academics whose work I’ve been reading and following and learning from since starting my PhD studies three years ago.”

For both Dobson and Mitchell, attending the Surveillance Studies Summer Seminar was a rewarding and enriching experience.

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