Photo of Leena An

Leena An

PhD Researcher

A winner of the Senate medal in 2014 and recipient of a SSHRC Scholarship in 2015, Leena An is an accomplished second year MA student in Carleton’s Communication Studies program. Her research examines online discourses surrounding the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong and how the movement’s events, actors, and issues are framed in various international newspapers. While in undergrad she produced a local radio show on CHUO 89.1 FM that provided news of interest to the Ottawa Chinese community. Her active involvement in the community has facilitated her research interests in diasporic communities, minority media channels, and determinants of political engagement. With a background in tech marketing, Leena is also interested in studying and facilitating the use of online tools used by social activists to mobilize their objectives. When she’s not leading tutorials at school, she can be found teaching a group of students how to master the Gu Zheng, an ancient Chinese instrument that resembles the Western harp. She still hasn’t forgiven her mom for making her perform in front of the mayor of Ottawa ten times.