Photo of Dr. Marie-Odile  Junker

Dr. Marie-Odile Junker

Full Professor of Linguistics

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As a linguist and lover of linguistic diversity, Dr. Junker works on aboriginal language documentation and maintenance. She uses a participatory-action research framework to work with communities and individuals interested in saving their language and seeing it thrive in the 21st century.

Exploring how information and communication technologies can help aboriginal languages, she has developed several websites for languages of the Algonquian family, in partnership with aboriginal organizations. She co-created the website, a resource for documenting and preserving the East Cree language, as well as online dictionaries for Cree and Innu.

Dr. Junker also created the Algonquian Linguistic Atlas:, which is evolving into a large collaborative project to build a digital infrastructure for Algonquian dictionaries and other resources. She regularly facilitates language-documentation workshops at Carleton or in the communities she works with.

Her current funded projects include:

Marie-Odile has been a member of CIRCLE since its first incarnation at Carleton University in 1992 and is grateful for the support provided for her work.


Council of the Arts blog: Creation the East Cree thematic dictionary


2011/2012 Davidson Dunton Research Lecture
Giving voice to Aboriginal languages: Putting information technologies to work for people