“The Embassy of Liminal Spaces” carries 35 plates of calligraphy rendering a long poem that probes our co-dwelling in the world and the world of our imagination. The book ends with a concept note on architecture as the poem is permanently installed in the new Canadian Consulate General in India. On March 7th, the third anniversary of the poem, the book was inducted in the Library of Parliament. It is also his third book to be added to Carleton University’s Archives and Research Collections SPC (after “Alphabestiary” 2011 and “Nari Gandhi: Apprentice to Frank loyd Wright” 2009).

The multilingual edition by Global Affairs features a French translation of the poem by President and Vice-Chancellor Roseann O’Reilly Runte and a Hindi translation in the Devanagari script by Prof. Rajiv Trivedi. The book also features commentaries on the work by literary critic Dr Bruce Meyer and art critic Dr Petra Halkes.

He is also among the winners of the Carleton University Literary Competition 2016: http://carleton.ca/creativewriting/writing-competition/winners/

For a complimentary digital copy of the book please send your request to: taj@taj.ca

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