Tinderbox Wildfire Shelter Kits

For her thesis project, Master of Architecture student, Victoria McCartney, is designing a semi-permanent, affordable, modular, flat-pack, transition shelter for individuals and families that have been evacuated and displaced from their homes as a result of Canadian wildfires.

Her project titled, Tinderbox, aims to create a comfortable accommodation for the thousands of wildfire evacuees that otherwise end up in cramped community shelters where they have minimal sanitation facilities, minimal cooking facilities, no privacy, and no control over their environment. Tinderbox is designed as a home away from home and will provide families with all the necessary facilities and amenities that they may need during a natural disaster.

By staying in a community shelter with limited amenities, people are at risk for experiencing high stress levels. Tinderbox helps to restore the independence that many people lose during a disaster by allowing the user to regain their personal space and get back into their family routine, writes McCartney

This project has been recently featured on CBC news Edmonton. Read more about her conversation with CBC’s Radio Active here.

McCartney is raising funds to construct a full scale, fully functioning Tinderbox by April 2018. Read more about her goal on FutureFunder.ca.

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