Stantec Architecture Prize for Excellence in Comprehensive Studio Project 2019 winners with Stantec judges Natalie Patricia and James Strong

The 2019 Stantec Architecture Prize for Excellence in Comprehensive Studio Project winners, with Stantec judges Natalie Patricia and James Strong

Congratulations to the 2019 winners of the Stantec Architecture Prize for Excellence in the Comprehensive Studio Project! 

The prize, established in 2007 by Stantec Architecture Ltd., is awarded annually by the Director of the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism on the recommendation of the Stantec Architecture Prize Selection Committee to students at the School. Recipients are selected based on excellence in their comprehensive studio project. 

“The Stantec competition brought a new level of professionalism to the successful Gateway Studio this year”, says Professor Sheryl Boyle, who was the instructor for the Studio. “The students staged a beautiful one-day exhibit of their competition panels and comprehensive drawing sets that demonstrated a technical and poetic competency in architectural thinking and making.  From beautiful drawings and well-crafted details to philosophical ideas about the nature of craft, students embraced the workshop program for the studio to create beautiful adaptive reuse projects, new constructions and thoughtful community contributions.”

The selection committee consisted of two representatives from Stantec Architecture Ltd and two faculty members from the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism. 

Natalie Petricca and James Strong from Stantec with Professor Sheryl Boyle during the award announcement

Natalie Petricca and James Strong from Stantec with Professor Sheryl Boyle during the award announcement

Natalie Petricca and James Strong from Stantec, accompanied by Paul Kariouk (Faculty, Kariouk Associates) and Shawn Murray (Visiting Faculty, University of Greenwich, Bartlett) did a critical blind review of the 58 projects over the course of the day as students from all years looked on. 

The first place winner took home $1,000, second place winner $500 and the third place winner $250.

List of winners:

1st Place:

Emily Essex : Inside Out

Jury comment: Emily’s project showed exceptional clarity in its direction from start to finish.  The design narrative begins by taking a position about the process of making clothing: that it takes place in reverse, from the inside out.  This position then informs every element of Emily’s project; from her approach to the site and existing warehouse structure, to the treatment of materials chosen for the building’s façade.  Each individual drawing – from parti diagram to technical detail – has a purpose in strengthening and elaborating upon the project narrative, and is beautifully represented.  Emily’s combined drawing set is a carefully curated description of a complete architectural project, executed with a distinct and delightful authorial voice. 

2nd Place Winners: 

Jesse Bird : Makeshift Studio

Jury comment: Jesse’s project stood out for its credibility was and how well it was resolved.  A thorough site investigation was evident, and the learnings of that were carried throughout the design.  The drawings and model were crafted with care and the details were well resolved.  

Natalie Gervasio  : Intrafusion

Jury comment: Natalie tackled a bold choice of program and convinced the judges that she fully understood all the types of therapy her proposal offered.  The design of each therapy space was thoughtfully considered and drawn in a compelling manner.  We appreciated the attention to detail of the project and how beautifully it was presented.

Shannon Kitley  : Stained and Stitched

Jury comment: Shannon took on with an adaptive reuse project and had a very compelling use of the existing building.  Her stitching of the pubic circulation corridor around and through the existing building and its’ treatment with a different skin spoke to her program of reusing and upcycling clothing.  Her details were playful but also technically sound.  Her incorporation of mechanical vertical shelving and a double skin façade to dry the newly dyed garments showed attention to detail and tied back to her program beautifully.

Luis Chung  : Stack Effect

Jury comment: We were struck by the ambition apparent in Luis’ desire to layer meaning upon his project’s singular organizing element: the double wall.  The double walls supporting the building are central to the project narrative, it’s design and it’s systems: they relate to the site and it’s context; they organize and delineate internal program elements; they are the building’s primary structural system; and they drive a passive approach to sustainable design.  It is a complex and nuanced layering of meaning that is represented beautifully throughout a thorough, detailed technical set.

3rd Place Winners

Brigitte Martins  : Makerspace Pavilion

Jury comment: Brigitte deployed a clear and concise site strategy with consistency to create impactful public spaces both inside & out.  The resulting building is sensitive to its context, elegant in its composition and careful in its consideration of a challenging urban site.

Luke Rivet : Transpose

Jury comment: Luke’s project stood out for its enthusiasm to embrace and experiment with the advanced fabrication tools suggested by the studio brief.  The project seems conceived from the detail outwards, resulting in a design that is a complicated collision of ‘old’ and ‘new’ – in which the technical is playful – and the process of ‘making’ is at the fore.

Many thanks to Stantec for continuing their engagement with students and the school through this highly anticipated and totally professional event.

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