Architectural drawings and models are instruments of imagination, communication and historical continuity. The role of drawings and models, their ownership, placement and authorship in a ubiquitous digital age deserve careful consideration. Despite them being the first handiwork of the architect, not enough attention is given to discussions about the sites of drawing activity, or to the matter of housing them, which is essential to the active relations between drawing and buildings, building and drawings, before, during and after construction.

Expanding on the well-established discussion of the translation from drawings to buildings, the Frascari Symposium IV questions the significance of the lives of drawings and models- before, during and after construction. Where drawings and models dwell in relation to buildings, impacts their seminality and their potential future translations, from drawing to building, building to drawing. In this process of multi-directional and multi-temporal constructions, who has ownership of the drawings and models, and where do they belong?

The Frascari Symposium IV, took place in mid-June 2019 at the School of Architecture and Landscape at Kingston University, London, UK, and convened scholars, educators, curators and practicing architects to address the following themes:

  • Drawing sites and sites of knowledge construction: the drawing, the office, the laboratory, and the construction site.
  • The afterlife of drawings and models: archiving, collecting, and exhibiting.
  • The architect’s ethical responsibilities: authorship, ownership, copyrights and rights to copy.
  • Tools of making: Relations between architectural representations and their apparatus over time.

The advisory council of the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art acknowledged the Frascari Symposium IVawarding an Educational Programme Grant in support of the event. The symposium also received support from the Kingston School of Art Research Fund, REGISTER, and the Drawing Matter Archive.

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