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Manuel Baez

Associate Professor
    Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 2879


    Prof. Manuel Baez interdisciplinary research explores the relationships between design, culture and the evolution of structural, technological and scientific innovations.  The evolving research investigates the versatile and generative potential offered by complex processes and systems lurking throughout the environment and in biology, along with their related material, cultural, and technological implications. The work seeks to examine how complex structures, forms and cultural motifs emerge and evolve while simultaneously revealing richly interrelated correspondences.  The morphological diversity revealed by these investigations offers new insights into the generative diversity lurking within natural processes as revealed by modern analytical tools and such related theories as Complexity, Emergence and Bio-Design.  The implications of these developments are relevant to the realms of architecture, engineering, art and other disciplines at a time when the insights emerging from our deeper understanding of complex phenomena are being embraced for conceptual inspiration.”