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Santiago Guardia

Sessional Instructor
    Department:Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism


    Javier Santiago Guardia Miranda, UIA, APA, CAB, OAA, is an internationally trained architect, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Arts – UMSA Bolivia and registered in both Bolivian and Canadian jurisdictions. His work includes social housing and urban planning for rural emerging communities, teaming up with government agencies and NGOs. Santiago has led a wide range of public and private projects including LEED certified buildings and various architectural competitions with his work featured in various publications. Currently he has joined a local firm combining the private practice challenges with his passion for teaching in the academic field. Santiago is motivated by the process of design-thinking, the journey through experimentation and the spatial results seeking understanding of human behavior.  He has taught studio for various years at the Department of Architecture of the Bolivian Catholic University. In 2017 he joined Carleton University as seasonal teacher at the Azrieli School of Architecture.