Bachelor of Architectural Studies Degree

Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) focuses on knowledge, experience, creativity and imagination. Our program encourages exploring ideas through making, evaluating ideas within the context of the human experience, and exercising creativity through writing, model making, drawing, and digital media. The Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism awards the pre-professional BAS degree upon successful completion of our four-year program of study. If you intend to practice architecture, you can apply to our professional Master of Architecture program or equivalent professional training at another university. The BAS program is an excellent degree for a range of careers or for further studies in design.

Bachelor of Architectural Studies

One Degree; Three Specializations

Your choice of one of three majors will allow you to specialize in a particular aspect of the architectural profession: Design will appeal to those interested primarily in a professional career in architecture with an emphasis on design. Urbanism explores architecture in the larger context of the city and raises awareness and promotes stewardship of the built environment through an examination of mass urbanization in the 20th century. Conservation and Sustainability is for those interested in the conservation of historical architecture and the principles of sustainable design of buildings as well as the urban fabric.

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M.Arch, MAS, PhD

Graduate Academic Programs

The Master of Architecture is an accredited professional degree program committed to preparing future architects for a culturally rich, technologically dynamic, and globalized world.  A rigorous studio and research pedagogy invites students to take critical positions on design, culture, technology, and the city.

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