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Approved History / Theory Electives

BAS Design   

These are the approved history/theory electives that will be offered this academic year. This list will be updated each academic term to reflect actual course offerings.

ARCH 4002   Canadian Architecture
ARCH 4004   Architecture Theory
ARCH 4105   Landscape Design
ARCH 4200   Conservation Philosophy & Ethics
ARCH 4206   Recycling Architecture in Canada and Abroad
ARCH 4801   Theory of Architecture
ARCU 4300   History of Theories of Urbanism
ARTH 1105   Art as Visual Communication
ARTH 3002   Canadian Architecture (see ARCH 4002)
ARTH 2300   Italian Renaissance Art
ARTH 4800  Topics in Architectural History
CDNS 2400  Heritage Conservation in Canada
HIST 3209   Canadian Urban History
ARCH 2006   The History and Theory of Industrial Design
PSYC 2800  Introduction to Human Factors
IDES 1001   Industrial Design Analysis
IDES 3502   Contextual Nature of Products