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Co-op Program

Our co-operative education option offers you up to 20 months of paid-work experience and prepares you for a career in architecture. You could find yourself working in a government organization, large international firm or a small local practice.

Co-operative Education is based on the principle that academic study combined with alternating work periods is an effective method of professional preparation. Work periods at various points in the academic program allow students to acquire experience within their discipline. The Co-operative Education program is a complement to the students’ academic studies.

Students in the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) program have the opportunity to enrol in a co-op option. Students admitted to this program option must satisfy the normal requirements for graduation in the BAS program and, in addition, the graduation requirements specific to the co-op option.   Precise start and completion dates are set in consultation with the employer. Co-op terms can begin after you have successfully completed the second year of the BAS program.


Students electing to have co-op option designation on their transcript must participate in a minimum of three work terms with each work term having a nominal duration of four months. At least two of the three work terms must be consecutive. Students may choose any combination of work terms.

Students satisfying the following conditions will be considered admissible to the co-op option:

  • have obtained and maintained a cumulative GPA of 7.0 (or B-) in their B.A.S. program courses;
  • be registered as a full-time student;
  • be eligible to work in Canada

While meeting the above requirements only establishes eligibility for admission to the program, the prevailing job market may limit enrolment.

For more information on the CO-OP program at Carleton go to the Co-Op and Career Services website.