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B.A.S. Conservation and Sustainability

The BAS (Conservation and Sustainability) program offers specialized courses in the conservation of historical architecture as well as courses and workshops in the principles of sustainable design of architecture and the urban fabric. While an emphasis will be placed on historical practises, students enrolled in this concentration will also specialize in contemporary theories and principles relating to design, building methods and construction materials. With the collaborative course delivery between the School of Architecture and the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, students in the Conservation and Sustainability Concentration will be exposed to an in-depth understanding of integrated building systems, methods of historical analysis, as well as the ethical and philosophical approaches to sustainable design and historical conservation. Included in the pedagogical structure of the program are courses in architectural representation, architectural technology, history and theory of architecture, heritage conservation, civil and environmental engineering, urban morphology, conservation philosophy and ethics, historic sites recording, building pathology and rehabilitation, design economics, and architecture and the environment. A focused list of electives, complements the core course line-up with courses in civil & environmental engineering, sociology, urban geography and Canadian studies. Co-Op optional.

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BAS Conservation

Suggested Program Sequencing- for students entering the BAS program 2017/18

(Students who entered the BAS Conservation & Sustainability in 2014 are advised to follow the 2015/16 program sequence)

(Course grids for students who entered the BAS Conservation & Sustainability in 2012 or 2013 can be found here.)

First Year

ARCS 1005 Drawing ARCS 1105 (1.0) Studio 1
ARTH 1200 History and Theory of Arch 1: Prehistory to 1600 ARTH 1201 History and Theory of Arch 2: 1600 to Present
ARCH 1000 Intro. to Architecture  ARCC 1202 History of Structures
ARCN 2106 Introduction to Multimedia ENVE 1001 Architecture and the Environment
.5 free elective

Second Year

ARCH 2300 Intro. to Modern Architecture ARCN 2105 Computer Modeling of Form
ARCC 2202 Architectural Technology 1 CIVE 2005 Architectural Technology 2
ARCC 3501 New- Fund of Conservation CDNS 2400 Heritage Conservation in Canada
CIVE 2700 Civil Engineering Materials  ARCU 3100 Morphology of the City
ARCN 4100 Historic Site Recording and Assessment .5 Core/HT/Free elective

Third Year

ARCC 3301 (1.0) Conservation in Practice I ARCC 3302 (1.0) Conservation in Practice II
ARCH 4200 Architectural Conservation Philosophy and Ethics ARCC 3202 Architectural Technology 4
ARCC 2203 Architectural Technology 3   ARCN 4200 Building Pathology and Rehabilitation
CIVE 2200 Mechanics of Solids I .5 Core/HT/Free elective

Fourth Year

ENVE 4105 Green Building Design ARCC 4207/ARCC 4900 Advanced Building Assessment
ARCC 4500 Design Economics  ARCH 4002 Canadian Architecture
ARCC 4301 Conservation in Practice III (1.5 cr) Core/Wkshp/HT elective
2x Core/Wkshp/HT elective or ARCS 4107* or ARCC 4909* (1.0 cr)

* by approval of C&S Co-ordinator

*Approved History/Theory Electives for Conservation.

Conservation and Sustainability Core Electives

ARCC 4103 [0.5] Energy and Form
ARCC 4300 [0.5] Building Materials
ARCC 4400 [0.5] Design for Construction
ARCC 4801 [0.5] Architectural Technology
ARCH 4206 [0.5] Recycling Architecture in Canada and Abroad
CDNS 2300 [0.5] Critical Nationalism
CDNS 2400 [0.5] Heritage Conservation in Canada
CDNS 3901 [0.5] Selected Topics in Canadian Studies
CDNS 4400 [0.5] Cultural Landscape and Cultural Identity in Canada
CDNS 4901 [0.5] Selected Topics in Canadian Studies
CIVE 3203 [0.5] Introduction to Structural Analysis
CIVE 3204 [0.5] Introduction to Structural Design
CLCV 2305 [1.0] Ancient Science and Technology
ENVE 4106 [0.5] Indoor Environmental Quality
GEOG 2200 [0.5] Global Connections
GEOG 2300 [0.5] Space, Place and Culture
GEOG 3021 [0.5] Geographies of Culture and Identity
MATH 1004 [0.5] Calculus for Engineering or Physics