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The Bachelor of Architectural Studies – Conservation & Sustainability program offers a specialization unique among all undergraduate architecture programs in Canada. Since 2009, this stream has focused on the conservation of historic architecture, paired with a study in the principles of sustainable design.

A growing proportion of architectural work – particularly in sustainable design – involves renovations with sustainability upgrades, or the adaptive reuse of existing buildings. Following the Understanding, Planning, and Intervening method set out in the Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places, students in this program learn to study and assess existing architecture so that they can formulate creative and compatible design solutions for historic built fabrics. Conservation studio projects are founded on strong historical and social understanding, along with deep knowledge of conservation theories.

Benefiting from collaborative course delivery between the School of Architecture and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, students in the BAS Conservation and Sustainability program receive in-depth technical education on integrated building systems, architectural materials and assemblies, green building techniques, and hands-on practice with heritage documentation. Through the study of conservation theory, ethics, and best practices, students also learn to research and analyze existing architecture.

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Portfolio Requirements

BAS Conservation

Suggested Program Sequencing for current C+S students registering for the 2018-2019 academic year. Please note that Core, HT, and Free Electives may be taken in any order. Scroll down to see lists. To see the complete grid for your own calendar year, click on appropriate Entry Year below.

Entry Year 2015 Entry Year 2016 Entry Year 2017 Entry Year 2018

(Students who entered the BAS Conservation & Sustainability in 2014 are advised to follow the 2015/16 program sequence)

(For course grids for students who entered the BAS Conservation & Sustainability in 2012 or 2013 please email


First Year (for students under 2018 calendar)

ARCS 1005 Drawing ARCS 1105 (1.0) Studio 1
ARTH 1200 History and Theory of Arch 1: Prehistory to 1600 ARTH 1201 History and Theory of Arch 2:        1600 to Present
ARCH 1000 Introduction to Architecture ARCC 1202 History of Structures
ARCN 2106 Introduction to Multimedia ENVE 1001 Architecture and the Environment
.5 Free Elective


Second Year (for students under 2017 calendar)

ARCH 2300 Introduction to Modern Architecture ARCN 2105 Computer Modeling of Form
ARCC 2202 Architectural Technology 1 CIVE 2005 Architectural Technology 2
ARCC 3501 Fundamentals of Conservation CDNS 2400 Heritage Conservation in Canada
CIVE 2700 Civil Engineering Materials ARCU 3100 Morphology of the City
ARCN 4100 Historic Site Recording and Assessment .5 Core Elective


Third Year (for students under 2016 calendar)

ARCC 3301 (1.0) Conservation Studio 1 ARCC 3302 (1.0) Conservation Studio 2
ARCH 4200 Architectural Conservation Philosophy and Ethics ARCC 3202 Architectural Technology 4
ARCC 2203 Architectural Technology 3 ARCN 4200 Building Pathology and Rehabilitation
CIVE 2200 Mechanics of Solids I .5 HT or Free Elective


Fourth Year (for students under 2015 calendar)

ENVE 4105 Green Building Design ARCH 5402/ARCC 4900 Advanced Building Assessment
ARCC 4500 Design Economics ARCH 4002 Canadian Architecture
ARCC 4301 Conservation Studio 3 (1.5 cr) .5 Core Elective
2 x Elec. OR ARCC 4909* (1.0 cr)

* by approval of C&S Co-ordinator

Approved History/Theory Electives

C&S Core Electives

Free Electives (including Workshops)