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B.A.S. Design

The Bachelor of Architectural Studies (Design) program provides students who are seeking a professional career in architecture with an emphasis on design. The program lies in its ability to deliver an architectural education through an exploration of diverse disciplines that influence the built environment. This model of architectural education is, by necessity, a comprehensive one. It not only prepares students for a future in the profession of architecture but also provides a broad-based foundation for a multitude of interdisciplinary and related design fields. Students learn to handle the conflicting demands of function, aesthetics, technology and economy, but are trained in a variety of means of expression including writing, model-making, drawing, photography, video, digital media, and verbal presentations.

Students pursue intensive, studio-based studies supported by courses in Architectural History and Technology complemented with studies-abroad programs (DSA), organized for the second-term of the third year. Co-Op option is available.

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Suggested Course Sequencing 2017-2018

First Year

ARTH 1200 History and Theory of Arch 1: Prehistory to 1600 ARTH 1201 History and Theory of Arch 2: 1600 to Present
ARCH 1000 Intro. to Architecture ARCC 1202 History of Structures
ARCN 2106 Introduction to Multimedia ARCS 1105 (1.0 cr) Studio 1
ARCS 1005 Drawing .5 Free Elective
.5 Free Elective

Second Year

ARCH 2300 Intro. to Modern Architecture ARCN 2105 Computer Modeling of Form
ARCS 2105 (1.5 cr) Studio 2 ARCS 2106 (1.5 cr) Studio 3
ARCC 2202 Architectural Technology 1 CIVE 2005 Architectural Technology 2

Third Year

ARCC 2203 Architectural Technology 3 ARCU 3100 The Morphology of the City
ARCS 3105 (1.5 cr) Studio 4 ARCS 3107 (1.0 cr) Studio 5 + ARCN 3901S (0.5 cr)
.5 H/T Elective* /Wkshp  .5 Wkshp/Elective

Fourth Year

ARCC 3202 Architectural Technology 4 ARCS 4107 (1.0 cr) Studio 7 + ARCN 3902S (0.5 cr)
ARCC 4500 Design Economics .5 History/Theory elective*
ARCS 4105 (1.5 cr) Studio 6 .5 Wkshp/elective

*Approved History/Theory Electives for Design