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Registration Information
Current Students

Registration at Carleton University is done on the web through Carleton Central, a secure online centre for student registration and administrative activities. You can also use the Public Class Schedule to query the schedule database without logging into Carleton Central. Once available, time tickets will be posted in the Registration Schedule.

How do I register?

Step by step instruction on registering is available on the Registrar’s Registration Information Website. If you are a first year student, please see Information for First Years.

Workshop Courses

In third and fourth year students can apply to take Workshop courses. Workshops are specialty courses, often with a hands on or building component.

How do I know which courses to take?

Your audit is your official map of courses you are required to take to complete your degree. Consult your audit to know which courses to take. Learn to read your audit here. You can also view the proposed course sequencing guides for your program to help you plan out your study:



Remember to Stay Connected – Your Carleton Email Account.

The University uses email to communicate with students via their MyCarleton (Connect) email accounts. This is the University’s official channel of communication with students. Make sure to activate your account and monitor it frequently for important updates on academic affairs. For details on how to activate your account, or to log in, visit https://portal.carleton.ca/.

During the registration period, it may be necessary to make changes to the schedule.  Changes may include classroom location, timetabling, new course offerings, and course cancellations.  Please check back here on a regular basis for updated information on these and other information pertaining to registration.