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The programs of Art & Architectural History at Carleton University offer a unique breadth and depth of research expertise and teaching, covering art and architecture from various times and places around the world. Rigorous and wide-ranging education is offered by enthusiastic and strongly student-oriented faculty. We offer courses in pre-modern, modern and contemporary art and architecture covering a variety of media in the areas of:

• Canadian
• Chinese
• European
• Indigenous
• Islamic
• Japanese
• Global Art & Architectural History

Our students appreciate our internship programs that provide them with insights and experiences in the professional world. It goes without saying that the National Capital Region offers numerous exciting placements in institutions related to art and architecture.

Spotlight on Art History

Watch a discussion between Art History student Gabriela and Instructor Morgan Currie, about the field of Art History and student experience in the program.

Spotlight on History and Theory of Architecture

Watch a discussion between student Miduran and Architectural Historian and Peter Coffman, about student experience in the HTA program.

Attend a Virtual Lecture!

ARTH 1100 – Art and Society: Prehistory to the Renaissance

See what it’s like to be in a first-year lecture in Art History. This excerpt is from our introductory course taught by Art History Undergraduate Supervisor Prof. Morgan Currie.

ARTH 1200 – Introduction to Architectural History

See what it’s like to be in a first-year lecture in the History and Theory of Architecture program. This excerpt is from our introductory course taught by HTA Supervisor Prof. Peter Coffman.


History and Theory of Architecture

A degree in History and Theory of Architecture can be an excellent launching pad for a wide variety of careers. Prof. Peter Coffman, the HTA Supervisor, has discussed this in two blog posts that you should check out if you’re considering HTA:

Happy New (academic) Year! Now, remind me why we’re here again…. Part 1

Remind me why we’re here again (Part2)

Art History

Carleton Art History grads have gone on to have successful careers in galleries, universities and institutions across the country. Check out a partial list of graduate success stories, and have a look at the kind of work our students are doing by watching these videos.

A Global Perspective

Students interested in transnational and transcultural art history are welcome to join the manifold activities of the Centre for Transnational Cultural Analysis (CTCA). CTCA is an interdisciplinary research hub that brings together students and scholars working with transcultural and transnational approaches to studies in the humanities.

Study Abroad Opportunities

We put a lot of effort into giving students opportunities to study abroad. It’s a great experience, but don’t take our word for it: see what the students themselves have to say in these blogs from Venice and England:

Blog: English Gothic Live
Blog: A semester in Venice

Meet the Art and Architectural History Community

Meet some of the faculty, students and graduates of Art & Architectural History, with our new series of short AAH Audio Snapshots.

Keep up with this informal conversation about buildings, school and sundry things architectural at the HTA Blog. It now includes the brand-new HTA Podcast – check out the Hallowe’en edition on spooky places!

Logo of the Carleton Art History Undergraduate Socieety

Art & Architectural History have a very active student society, known as CAHUS. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

And see what our graduates have to say about their experiences at Carleton.

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