RENDER, in association with Carleton University’s Art History Graduate Students’ Society, is a student-run publication dedicated to the dissemination of ideas rooted in visual culture. Recognizing that academic work can often be an isolated process, it is the purpose of the journal to provide graduate students with an open forum to circulate their ideas to a wider audience.

The journal committee welcomes applications from graduate students at the MA and PhD levels, whose work is dedicated to visual culture—both contemporary and historic. Please see the ‘Selection Process’ below.

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Selection Process

  • Must be an academic paper between 10-25 pages (double spaced with proper citations and bibliography)
  • Only one submission/student
  • Open to all Carleton University graduate students
  • 2016/2017 Deadline: to be announced
  • Please send the full paper along with a 250 word abstract to
  • Successful candidates selected by peer review
  • (View/download the latest poster here – Render 2014-15)


Journal Committee 2016-2017:
Render Editor-in-chief: Emily Putnam
Assistant Editor: Katie Kendall
Editorial Committee: Marie-Maxime De Andrade, Jessie Gamarra, Diana Hiebert, Leah Iselmoe, Nicola Krantz, Rachel Neilson, Benjamin Peterson (undergraduate representative)

Journal Committee 2015-2016:
Editor: Manon Gaudet
Co-Editor(s): Lesley McNaughton, Sarah Fox, Emily Putnam

Journal Committee 2014-2015:
Editor: Leanne Gaudet
Co-Editor(s): Rebecca Sullivan, Manon Gaudet & Hannah Keating

Journal Committee 2013-2014:
Sarah Eastman (editor)

Journal Committee 2012-2013:
Shannon Bingeman (editor)
Rebecca Basciano
Caitlin Charbonneau
Sarah Eastman
Diane Pellicone