If you are applying for Full-Time OSAP, you will have the option to upload your signature pages, as well as any required supporting documents, online through your ontario.ca/osap account.

From your OSAP account main page you can click on Print/Upload under your application. This will take you to your Required Documents page. Here you can print documents to sign them and then scan them onto your computer so you can upload them.

How to Scan a Document Into PDF

Depending on your scanner, you may have the option to scan the document as a PDF, else you will need to convert the image to a PDF after scanning it. Refer to the Wiki How article, How to Scan Documents Into PDF if you need help.

Some additional tips to ensure a high image quality:

  • Scan your document in black and white.
  • If possible, select a ‘text’ style option as opposed to ‘image’ or ‘photo’.
  • If your scanner has a dpi (dots per inch) setting, set it to 150 or 200.

Alternatively, you can use a a free mobile app like Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner for iOS (also available on Android) to take a picture of your documents and then convert them into a PDF. If you do choose this option be certain that your PDFs are legible before uploading them.

How to Upload a Document

From your Required Documents page you will notice an Upload link next to each document that can be accepted online (MSFAAs must still go to a designated post office). Click on Upload, locate the correct file and select okay. You will get a message confirming that your document was accepted for upload. Repeat this process for each required document.


  • You can only upload files in PDF format.
  • You cannot upload a file that is password protected.
  • You cannot upload a file that is larger than 1 MB in size.

If you have any questions or need help with uploading your documents, please contact us at awards@carleton.ca.