If you have submitted your online application for Full-Time OSAP for 2016/17, you will have access to a new feature called the Message Centre. The Message Centre is your main hub for status updates and important notifications about your application.

You can access the Message Centre from the Check Status page of your OSAP account (ontario.ca/osap).

Screenshot of OSAP Check Status page with arrow pointing to message centre icon

OSAP Account Check Status Page

Notifications From OSAP

When the status of your application changes, OSAP will let you know through the Message Centre. You will also receive an email reminding you of the notification awaiting you.

Screenshot of notification from OSAP in Message Centre.

A Notification From OSAP

Notifications From the Awards Office

If we encounter problems when processing your application, such as missing information or incomplete documents, we will notify you via your Carleton email address and the Message Centre. Notifications from us in your Message Centre will appear as a “Message from your Financial aid office.” To read our message, you will have to expand the notification and click on “Go to Message.”

Screenshot of message from Awards Office in Message Centre

A notification from us in your Message Centre

Clicking on “Go to Message” will take you to a list of notifications you have received from us. When you select the “Details” link next to a message, you will be able to read the message and respond accordingly.

Screenshot of expanded financial aid office message

Example of an expanded message from a Financial Aid Office

Not Receiving Anything in Your Message Centre?

When completing your OSAP application, if you select ‘yes’ to check the status of your application online, the Message Centre will automatically be enabled. If you selected to receive notifications by mail, the Message Centre will not be enabled and you will receive all your correspondence via Canada Post. We strongly recommend enabling the Message Centre as disruptions with Canada Post can delay important messages.

You can enable the Message Centre by clicking on “My Profile” on the left navigation bar of your OSAP Account. Select Email & Correspondence Options. Next to the option, “How do you want to check the status of all your applications?”, select “I will check online”.