Since 2012 Ontario post-secondary students have been able to apply for the 30% Off Ontario Tuition Grant separately from OSAP for full-time students. If you apply for full-time OSAP however, you will also be considered for the 30% Off Grant. So what application is right for you?

Always Apply for OSAP for Full-Time Students

If you are studying full-time at Carleton, you should always apply for OSAP for full-time students. Completing the full-time OSAP application ensures you are considered for all available loan and grant programs, including the 30% Off grant.

There are 24 aid programs comprised of grants, scholarships, bursaries and loans included in OSAP. By applying for the 30% Off Grant only, you could be missing out on additional funding that you are eligible for.

OSAP for Full-Time Students Has a No Loan Option

If you are not interested in receiving repayable loans, you can request to receive non-repayable grant funding only through OSAP’s no loan option. You can make this request by selecting the “No loan option” link on the Funding Summary page on your account. If you find that you need the loan after all, you can change your mind by returning to your Funding Summary page and selecting the “Change” link.