You can now apply online at for OSAP for Part-Time Students for 2016-2017.

Part-Time OSAP Eligibility

For information on OSAP eligibility, including part-time course load requirements, visit our OSAP eligibility page.

How and when will I receive my funding?

Before your part-time funding can be released, you will need to visit the Awards Office to sign and receive your Financial Assistance Agreement for Part-time Students. When you sign this document, we will confirm your enrolment and provide you with a Student Loan and Grant Certificate. You must then take your funding certificate and financial assistance agreement to a designated Canada Post Outlet where it will be sent to the Ministry. Your funding will then be released to you.


  • When you visit both the Awards Office and Canada Post, you will need to provide appropriate identification.
  • You cannot receive your funding certificate until on or after your study period start date.