Since fall term fees are due on August 25, before OSAP funding is released, Carleton grants students who plan to pay their tuition with OSAP a deferred payment due date, given certain conditions are met.

Payment Deferral Eligibility

If your OSAP application is processed completely and your funding is approved by August 25, your payment due date will automatically be deferred without penalty to September 14.

Redirection of Funding to Carleton

When completing your online application for OSAP, you are given two options for how your funding will be disbursed.

1. Allow partial redirection of funding to Carleton

By selecting this option, you authorize OSAP to redirect a portion of your funding to Carleton University. The amount redirected will be used to pay your outstanding tuition fee balance for the current term.

Note: The funds redirected to Carleton will ONLY be applied to your tuition and compulsory fees. If you plan to live on campus you must arrange to pay your residence fees yourself.

2. No redirection of funding to Carleton

If you select this option, OSAP will deposit all your funding into the bank account you specified on your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA).