Before your OSAP funding for the winter term can be released, we must confirm your full-time enrolment to OSAP. If you have not changed your program or course load for the winter term and your registration remains the same as what you indicated on your OSAP application, this process should proceed automatically.

Review Your OSAP Account

You can verify that your enrolment will be confirmed automatically by logging in to your OSAP account and going to your Check Status page. All items from Step 1 to 3 should have a status of “Done”, except for 2nd installment under Step 3, which should have a status of “Required.”

Note: It’s okay for the status of Step 2 to be at “Recalculated”

Enrolment is ready to be confirmed.

If any items show a status of ‘required’, you should act immediately to ensure your enrolment will be confirmed. In all cases, we highly recommend checking your Carleton email at least once a week for important message from the Awards Office regarding your OSAP winter instalment.

If you have changed your program or your overall course load, you should contact us so we can update your application. Your funding cannot be released until the registration information on your application is up to date.

When will my enrolment be confirmed?

We will be begin confirming enrolment for the winter term on or about December 28. Once your enrolment is confirmed you should receive your funding in about 5-7 business days.

If you have any questions about any of this, please email us at and don’t forget to include your student number.