If you are receiving OSAP, you will be approved for a deferred winter fee payment due date of January 12, given there are no processing holds on your OSAP account as of today, November 25.

Confirming You Will Receive the Deferral

To confirm that you will receive the winter term fee payment deferral, log in to your OSAP account at ontario.ca/osap and go to your Check Status page. All items from Step 1 – 3 should have a status of “Done”, except for 2nd installment under Step 3, which should have a status of “pending.”

Note: It’s okay for the status of Step 2 to be at “Recalculated”

OSAP Account Check Status Page

OSAP account Check Status page shows student will receive winter term fee payment deferral.

What if I don’t meet the requirements by November 25?

You will not receive a deferral and will be subject to the standard late charge for the term in question. If you are unsure if you will receive the deferral, contact us at awards@carleton.ca.