Our General Undergraduate Bursary Application is now available on Carleton Central.

This application is available to current and returning students, as well as first-year students who have missed the Entrance Bursary deadline (June 30). If you have already received a Carleton Bursary for this academic year, we ask that you do not complete this application. Carleton students are eligible to receive only one bursary per year.

How to apply

To access the application, log on to Carleton Central and click the Undergraduate Online Application Forms link, located in the Awards and Financial Assistance section.

Screenshot of Carleton Central with General Undergraduate Bursary application link highlighted

After selecting the General Undergraduate Bursary Application, you may be required to complete your student profile before you can begin.

Next, follow the steps to complete the application. Take your time and ensure you complete all fields. If information is missing, it will be hard to determine your financial need.

After you apply

After you apply, Carleton’s Bursary Committee will begin reviewing your application. You will be advised of the decision in December.

If awarded a bursary, it will be posted to your student account and then applied to any outstanding tuition balances. If your tuition is already paid and the bursary has created a surplus on your account, you will be able to contact Student Accounts to request a refund.

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply is October 31.

What is a bursary?

Bursaries are monetary awards granted on the basis of financial need. They do not have to be repaid.

The intention of our undergraduate bursary program is to supplement students’ primary sources of funding such as government student financial assistance (e.g. OSAP) or a line of credit from a bank.

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