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November is behind us and we had a great Financial Literacy Month at Carleton University. One of the things we love about FLM is hearing students talk about being money-smart. For those who don’t follow us on Twitter (shame!), or don’t read their Carleton emails (even greater shame!), we held weekly contests where we asked students about their money-savvy ways; and yes, one of those questions was about dining out on the cheap.

So let’s see what affordable meals CU students recommended.

Cheap Eats Ottawa: Carleton Edition

El Furniture Warehouse

We were a bit taken aback when we saw recommendations for a furniture warehouse but a quick google search cleared everything up. According to El Furniture Warehouse’s website:

“Whether you are interested in a quick lunch, pregame drink, or a night on the town with friends, The Warehouse Group has got you covered. Boasting a menu where every item costs just $4.95, the Warehouse Group culinary team provides quality food to our patrons without making a dent in their wallets.”

That’s right, in addition to not actually selling furniture, everything on the menu is five bucks. If you stick to the house white (water) for drinks, that some cheap eating. No wonder it’s so popular.

The Legend: Costco Food Court

Costco hasn’t changed the price of its $1.50 hot dog and soda combo in over 30 years. The “OG” of cheap eats if you will. What’s even better? You don’t need a membership to access the food court.

Deli Delights

Ottawa may be known for its shawarma (which was surprisingly absent from students’ recommendations), but it’s also home to some fantastic Italian delis.

Nicastro’s has been serving Ottawa since 1972. Currently located on George Street in the Byward Market, it’s worth the trip. And if you don’t feel like venturing into the market, Di Rienzo’s is a little closer in Little Italy. Either way, both places pack an incredible amount of food into a $5 sandwich.

More cheap eats in the capital

Here are some other Carleton student favourites:

Have a recommendation? Let us know in the comments below.

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