In May 2017, OSAP launched an online application for the Continuation of Interest-Free Status program (CIFS).  Prior the introduction of the online application, students were required to submit a signed paper application to the Awards Office.

With both the paper and online application available to you, it’s worth comparing them to highlight the significant advantages of the online application.

Applying for CIFS with the paper application

You can print the paper CIFS application or visit our office to fill one out.


  • If you are unable to log in to your OSAP account and cannot visit a financial aid office in Ontario to reset your OAN/password, you can submit the paper application to us via mail.


  • It’s thirteen pages! That’s a high risk for paper cuts.
  • Slower processing.
  • A few pages require your Social Insurance Number (SIN). To protect this confidential information, you should deliver your application to the Awards Office in person or by standard mail. Emailing your paper application is strongly discouraged due to security risks.
  • You will need to follow up with the National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC) by telephone (1-888-815-4514) to ensure your application has been approved.

Applying for CIFS through the online application

The online CIFS application can be completed through your OSAP account at

See just how easy it is in our how-to video:


  • It takes a few minutes to complete.
  • No need for a printer. Everything is done in your browser.
  • Faster processing
  • Your identity is authenticated through your OSAP account. No need to dig out your SIN (but if you had to, you could find it right?).
  • You can return to your OSAP account to track the status of your application. No need to follow up with the NSLSC by phone.


  • You’ll need to know your OAN and password to log on and complete the application.

The online app is the way to go

In addition to faster processing times, the online application is easier to complete, and you can track the status of your application through your OSAP account.

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