You can now upload your required documents online through your account. Before this feature existed, you were required to submit your required documents to us, via mail, courier or in person.

File-Size Limitations

One limitation of the OSAP document upload feature is that your PDF file size must be under 1 MB. If you are struggling to keep your scanned documents within this limitation, you can easily compress your PDF to reduce its size.

Follow this Wiki How article, 4 Ways to Compress a PDF File to reduce the file size of your PDF to under 1 MB.

Note that if you are on a PC, you will need the paid version of Adobe Acrobat to use the “save as Reduced Size PDF” feature. For PC users, online compression tools are the best option. If you are on a Mac, Apple’s default and free PDF viewer, Preview, will allow you to export your file with a reduced file size. Refer to the Wiki How article for specific instructions.

Happy compressing!