I personally love online shopping. From clothes, electronics, and sometimes even imported food products, I can find most of the products I want online much cheaper than I could ever get them from a store.

I like to use sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and sometimes even Red Flag Deals to search for coupons before I make any purchases. But searching the vast internet for that perfect little coupon can become a time-consuming hassle. That’s why Honey is probably the best thing to happen for all hardcore couponers, or just about anyone that wants to get great discounts.

Honey Browser Extension

Honey Browser Extension Activated

Honey scanning and trying codes to save you money!

I’ll keep it short and sweet, Honey is a web browser plugin that automatically tests discount codes right before you check out. It currently works on desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Honey works by searching for all possible discounts and coupon codes from the internet for a particular online store, and then trying each code one by one. When one of them works, it will notify you and you should see the discount added to your transaction. So, no effort is needed on your part other than just downloading the app onto Chrome. However, it won’t always be able to find a discount or one that’s working, so you’ve been warned!

Honey Discount Code with Pizza Receipt

I ordered pizza to demo Honey just for you readers.

After I clicked checkout, Honey worked its sweet magic and voila, it found a $4.94 discount. Do you know how many items I could buy from the Dollar store with $4.94? Probably a lot, thanks Honey.

More Savings Through Surprise Cash Bonuses

On the front page of the Honey app (click the Honey icon in the top right of your browser), you’ll see a list of online stores like Walmart, Target, etc. Click on any of the stores and you can activate a surprise cash bonus that can range anywhere from 0-10% before you start shopping on the store. Remember to read the little fine print to see how the cash bonus works on each store┬ábecause it can vary.

Honey Extension Home Page

Home page of Honey browser extension.

Honey also has a cash back rewards/referral system, every time you refer a friend you get HoneyGold which you can later redeem for Amazon gift cards.

Go ahead and try Honey ASAP.