When you apply for OSAP, you are assessed for a mixture of non-repayable grant and repayable loan funding. OSAP now lets you request grant-only funding and decline the loan.

Requesting Grant-Only Funding

Requesting grant-only funding can be done online through your OSAP account. To complete the request you will need to have submitted a 2017-18 OSAP Application for Full-Time students and have been assessed for funding.

Where to submit your request

From your status summary page, click on the “view funding” button to go to your funding summary page.

If the button says “view estimate”, OSAP has not calculated your funding so you will have to wait before you can submit your request.

On your funding summary page scroll to the section “Detail about your funding”. You will notice a blue link titled “No loan option” under your Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loan.

Screenshot of OSAP account funding summary page. No loan option link is highlighted for submitting grant-only funding request.

Showing the no loan option link on your funding page

Clicking on thius link will display the grant-only request. Check the box “I don’t want to the loan” then click submit to complete your request!

OSAP account screenshot of submit button used to complete grant-only funding request.

Select “I don’t want the loan” and click submit to complete your request.


The deadline to request the no loan option is 40 days before the end of your study period. If you submit your request after the deadline, your loan will be released to you.

To ensure you do not receive any of your loans, you must submit your request 30 days before the release of your first installment.

You can change your mind

If you requested grant-only funding, you can change your mind and request the loan be released to you. Return to your funding summary page and select the “change” link, located where the no loan link was. You will receive the amount of loan that hasn’t already been released, given your request is received before the aforementioned deadline.

If you have any questions about the no loan option, or would like to discuss your OSAP application with a Financial Aid Administrator, please contact us at awards@carleton.ca.