We have started to confirm summer term enrolment for the release of OSAP funding.

Ensure you are registered in classes and have submitted all required documents

If you are registered in the course load that you indicated on your OSAP application/extension request and there are no outstanding items on the Check Status page of your OSAP account, your enrolment will be confirmed automatically.

If there are issues with confirming your enrolment, we will reach out to you via the OSAP Message Centre and your Carleton email account. Be sure to monitor these frequently.

How will I know when my enrolment has been confirmed?

You can check if your enrolment has been confirmed by visiting the Funding Summary page of your OSAP account. Under Funding Status, you will see your summer term installment. If your enrolment has been confirmed there will be a green checkmark with the status “Ready for release (school has confirmed enrolment).”

OSAP summer enrolment confirmation

When will I receive my funding?

Once your enrolment has been confirmed, you should receive your funding within 3 – 5 business days.

A note about fee redirection

If you applied through the Summer Extension Request on Carleton Central, your funding may be redirected to Carleton to cover your fees if you selected this option for the 2016/17 fall/winter terms. If you applied through ontario.ca/osap, your funding will be redirected to Carleton only if you selected yes to fee redirection.

Fee redirection or not, it remains your responsibility to monitor your student account to ensure that all fees owing are received by Carleton.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Email us at awards@carleton.ca or call us at 613-520-3600.