November 25 is the winter term fee payment deadline. If you are receiving OSAP, you are eligible for a deferred fee payment deadline of January 12.

Requirements for the payment deferral

If there are no processing holds on your OSAP account and you have an instalment set to release at the start of January on or before November 25, 2017, you will be automatically approved for the payment deferral. No action is required on your part.

To confirm your funding is set to release, log in to your OSAP account and go to your funding summary page. From this page, scroll down to see the details of your January instalment.

It should look like this:

OSAP account funding summary screenshot showing second payment details

Here you can see the status of this student’s winter instalment is “School must confirm your enrolment.” This means there are no holds (e.g. outstanding documents) and the student will be automatically approved for the winter fee payment deferral date.

Your Calculate Amount to Pay page will tell if you if you are approved for the deferral

A new feature of the Calculate Amount to Pay page on Carleton Central for 2017-18 is that a message will display at the top of the page to advise you that you have been approved for the fee payment deferral.

This is what you want to see:

Don’t forget, it’s your responsibility to ensure all fees owing are received by the deferral date. If your OSAP instalment is not enough to cover your winter term balance, you will need to make a payment to your student account by the deferral date (January 12).

We’re here to help

Not seeing the deferral message, or have questions about OSAP funding that is on hold? Send us an email at or call us at 613-520-3600 to speak with your Financial Aid Administrator.

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