There’s a new public health program and it’s called OHIP+. Effective January 1, 2018, OHIP+ provides 100% coverage for more than 4,400 types of medication to Ontarians age 24 years or younger.

How to take advantage of OHIP+

No application is required. All babies, children and youth age 24 years and under who have a health card number (OHIP coverage), are automatically covered by OHIP+. When you take your (or your child’s) prescription to the pharmacy, the pharmacy will fill your prescription at no charge.

What medication is covered

Ontario is stating that more than 4,400 drug products are fully covered under OHIP+. They have even set up a website where you can search for your medication to see if it’s covered.

Does this affect the CUSA health plan?

According to Studentcare, the benefits provider for CUSA’s health plan, no matter your age, OHIP+ will not change your overall drug coverage.

If you are covered by both OHIP+ and the CUSA health plan, claims for eligible drugs will be paid first by the Ontario government through your health card.

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