Students receiving funding from OSAP are expected to pass their courses and progress through the successive years of their program.

Frequent or multiple program switches, dropping from a full course load to a part-time course load, withdrawing from a program, repeating a program and/or taking multiple programs at the same level of study may be considered lack of progress.

Actions which could impact your satisfactory academic progress:

  1. Failing a course
  2. Dropping below the minimum required course load and/or not achieving passing grades in the minimum required course load
  3. Frequent and/or multiple program changes
  4. Academic withdrawal from your program, or academic session
  5. Repetition of program or year standing

If the Ministry places you on Academic Probation, you will be required to submit an “Academic Response Letter” to the Awards & Financial Aid Office in order to be eligible for future funding. Your letter must outline:

  • The circumstances if any that affected your academic performance during your most recent academic year
  • The steps you will take during your probationary period to improve your academic progress
  • A description of your academic goals

For more information about Academic Probation and to access our Academic Response Letter Template, please visit