Students are automatically assessed for both loan and grant funding when applying for OSAP

loan is money that is borrowed and must be paid back. With OSAP, you are borrowing money from the governments of Canada and/or Ontario. When you pay back the loan, you will also be paying any interest on the debt.

A  grant is a type of financial aid that is not a loan and that you typically do not have to pay back. A grant is usually awarded based on financial need and/or other factors.

When OSAP entitlements are assessed, students have the option to receive ONLY the grant funding. If you do not wish to accept the loan, login to your OSAP account and select “funding summary.” A screenshot of the OSAP portal. Under "funding summary" you will see "You don't have to take the loan." Click "How this option works. Learn more about this option" and then you will select "I don't want the loan" if you only wish to receive grant funding

Check off the box, “I don’t want the loan.” If you no longer want any OSAP funding, simply send us an email asking us to cancel your application.