Why do we confirm your enrolment?

The government needs to confirm that you are registered in the course load and program indicated on your OSAP application. This information is sent electronically from our office to the government.

Receiving your funds

If your OSAP application was fully processed on or before November 25 and you have funding scheduled to be released for the winter term, your payment deadline has been deferred until January 14, 2019. This happens automatically.

Log in to Carleton Central, then click on “calculate amount to pay” tab to see if you have been approved for the payment deferral.

Screenshot of Carleton Central calculate amount to pay with payment deferral.

Students that have been granted a payment deferral will see this message on Carleton Central.

On December 18, fifteen days before the university reopens for the winter term, we started to confirm enrolment for students to OSAP. If you are registered in the course load you indicated on your OSAP application and there are no holds on your account, your enrolment will be confirmed automatically this week.

No action is required from you.

Check the application status on your OSAP account to see if your enrolment is ready to be confirmed for the winter term. Ensure there are no holds or outstanding documents.

If you have outstanding documents, submit them as soon as possible.

The status of your second installment should be at “required.

Screenshot of OSAP account showing message about confirmation of enrolment

Log in to your OSAP account and check your application status. The status of your second payment should be “required.”

You can expect your funding the first week of January if your enrolment is confirmed mid-December.

Paying your fees

Once we confirm your enrolment, the Ministry will instruct the National Student Loans Service Centre to release your funding.

If there is a balance on your student account at the time we confirm your enrolment, your OSAP will go towards that balance to pay it off first. Any funding left over will be deposited into your bank account.


If you are unsure about your application status or have additional questions about your confirming your enrolment, don’t hesitate to contact us at awards@carleton.ca. Please note that our office will be closed for the holidays from December 21 until January 2, 2019.