If you’ve been meaning to apply for our Prestige Scholarships, but haven’t gotten around to it, it’s time to act! The application deadline is March 1.

Prestige Scholarships for 2018-19

Prestige Scholarships are Carleton University’s highest undergraduate awards. They are comprised of:

  • 10 Chancellor’s Scholarships
  • 7 Richard Lewar Entrance Scholarships
  • 3 Carleton University Scholarships of Excellence
  • 2 Carleton University Shad Valley Scholarships of Excellence
  • 1 Riordon Scholarship
  • 1 Collins Prestige Scholarship.

For the terms and values of each award, visit our Prestige Scholarship page.

Eligibility Requirements

For all Prestige Scholarships, you will need an admission average of 90 percent or better. The selection committee will also assess the range of your community or secondary school activities.

Only candidates with no previous attendance at a post-secondary educational institution (college or university excluding CEGEP) will be considered. Students must be pursuing post-secondary studies for the first time.

How to Apply

One application form is used for all Prestige Scholarships. Once complete, submit your application package to the Awards Office by mail, fax, or in person.

7 thoughts on “Reminder: The Deadline to Apply for Prestige Scholarships is March 1”

  1. Gee says:

    I am Jide and international student from Nigeria, since before I can apply for the scholarship I need to get admission into the university, kindly share the link for registering.

    1. Shaun says:

      Hello Jide,

      I would suggest contacting our Admissions department for instructions on applying to undergraduate studies at Carleton University. Their website is admission.carleton.ca. You can also call their toll-free number, 1-888-354-4414.



  2. Sohaila says:

    I was just wondering. When it says ” For all Prestige Scholarships, you will need an admission average of 90 percent or better,” does that mean that when I get my acceptance letter my average should be above 90, or is the average with all grade 11 and 12 courses up to now is 90 and above?

    1. Sohaila says:

      or does it depend on the highest 6 4U course marks?

    2. Shaun says:

      Hello Sohaila,

      When the committee meets to assess applications, they will look at your most recent admission average. This will likely include grades from your first-semester finals. Basically, we use the most up-to-date information we have. As for what courses are used, your admission average is calculated by our Admissions department.

      Best regards,


  3. saif marji says:

    In the “prestige and Carleton capital scholarships Application form” it is stated that the form must be printed and submitted to the office by March 1st. what if the student is international? How would I be able to submit it? Would the application be accepted by mail or email? If so where would I be able to mail it?

    1. Shaun says:

      Hello Saif,

      While we accept applications via email, your Reference Letter still has to be mailed separately in a sealed envelope. Our mailing address:

      Awards & Financial Aid
      202 Robertson Hall
      1125 Colonel By Drive
      Ottawa, ON, K1S 5B6

      Best regards,


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