When applying for Full-Time OSAP, you will have to report your income and assets. It’s important that the information you enter is accurate as it will ensure your funding entitlement is correct.

One of the income questions the application will ask is:

Do you expect to receive scholarships, bursaries and/or awards during your study period (Sep 5/18 to Apr 27/19)?

This may seem like a straight-forward question, but it’s important to know that universities and colleges can report your awards to OSAP directly.

Reporting Carleton Undergraduate Awards

The question you now likely have is, “do I have to report my Carleton Scholarship or Bursary?”

The answer is no. We now report both undergraduate scholarships and bursaries to OSAP on your behalf.

If you refer to your scholarship and/or bursary letter, you’ll notice the following paragraph:

If you are an Ontario student applying for OSAP, you are not required to report this award on your OSAP application. The Awards Office will update your OSAP application with all Carleton University awards that you have been offered.

You will still have to report any external awards you expect to receive.

Graduate Students

Please note, if you are a graduate student, it is still your responsibility to report any scholarships and/or bursaries you expect to receive during the study period.

When will you update my OSAP application with my awards?

Your OSAP application will be updated with your award information in July. You can expect to receive an email from OSAP advising you that your funding has been recalculated. This does not necessarily mean your entitlement has changed.

What to do if you already reported your Carleton award

If you have already reported your Carleton scholarship and/or bursary on your application, you can request to have it removed.

Send your request to awards@carleton.ca.