Tomorrow, April 25, is the fee payment deadline for the summer term .

If you are receiving Full-Time OSAP funding for the summer term, you may be eligible for a deferred fee payment deadline of May 14.

Conditions for payment deferral

You will automatically be granted a payment deferral if you meet the following conditions on or before April 25, 2018:

  • Your OSAP funding for the summer term has been calculated and your application is complete (i.e. all supporting documentation has been processed)
  • On the Funding Summary page of your OSAP account, your summer instalment status is School must confirm your enrolment.

How to check if you have been approved for the deferral

Your Calculate Amount to Pay page on Carleton Central will inform you if you have been approved for the payment deferral.

This is what you want to see:

screenshot of carleton central showing deferral message.

Message on Calculate Amount to Pay: “You have been granted a payment deferral. Your payment is due by the deferral deadline.”

Don’t forget, it’s your responsibility to ensure all fees owing are received by the deferral date. If your OSAP instalment is not enough to cover your summer term balance, you will need to make a payment to your student account by the deferral deadline (May 14).