The deadline to apply for an Undergraduate Bursary is Thursday, October 31, 2019.

General Undergraduate Bursary

Carleton University offers bursaries to undergraduate students who are in receipt of student loan funding from either government student financial assistance (OSAP or other province) or from a financial institution and continue to demonstrate financial need in order to finance their studies. If you are an OSAP recipient, the value of your bursary is determined in conjunction with the financial need assessment provided to us by the Ministry. Bursary applicants must have satisfactory academic standing.

How to Apply

Students may access Bursary and Award Applications through the Undergraduate Online Application Forms system on Carleton Central, under the Awards and Financial Assistance section. Once your eligibility to apply for various bursaries is determined, you will be presented with the Applications for Bursaries/Awards that you are eligible to complete. Simply follow the steps on your screen to submit your application(s). The deadline to complete and submit your application(s) is October 31. You will be advised of the decision mid-December.

Need help? Follow our simple application instructions or contact us for assistance.