When checking the “Calculate amount to pay” tab on Carleton Central, you may have seen an error message stating the following:

Your current course load for the Fall 2019 term, does not match the information on your OSAP application. Contact the Awards office for more information.

You are seeing this message because the course load indicated on your OSAP application does not match the course load you are registered in for the fall term.

This could be because:

  1. You are still making changes to your registration. In this case, the error message will disappear when your course selection is complete, and your registered course load matches what is indicated on your OSAP application.
  2. You have registered in all your courses. The course load indicated on your OSAP application needs to be adjusted so that it matches your current registration. In this case, you will need to email the Awards Office and ask us to make the necessary change. Please include your student number in your email. Always be sure to send it from your Carleton account.

Learn more about what course load percentage should be indicated on your OSAP application.

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