It can be overwhelming when personal finance blogs use terminology and concepts you are not familiar with. You may also find that many financial literacy resources are not relevant to you as a student. Consequently, The Awards Office aims to provide you with an accessible, digestible source of personal finance advice, tips and resources.

CU Money Blog

We created the CU Money Blog with this intention. It is a collection of personal finance articles written for and by Carleton University students from a peer’s perspective. However, some articles are written by non-students who have more experience in personal finance to ensure a balance of perspectives.

The topics covered in these articles include money saving tips for students, credit card guides and scholarships to apply to.

Blog Post Highlights

As we are nearing the end of the Fall term in a matter of months, you may find these articles useful:

If you would like to contribute, please email the editor of the CU Money Blog with your post (maximum 800 words), a picture of yourself, and your year and program.

Students who submit a minimum of two blogs during the Fall and Winter terms are eligible to include the position of Contributor – CU Money Blogs to their CCR.

Please note that by submitting content you are giving us permission to promote it across all communication channels at Carleton.