Follow these instructions to create and submit a full-time OSAP application for a single term (fall or winter).

Step 1

Login to your OSAP account at and start a new full-time OSAP application. You will be asked for the month and year your classes start. Choose September for a fall term application, and January for a winter term application. Answer the question and click Next.

OSAP FUll-time application: screenshot of "Start a new application page"

Step 2

When you get to the Program Search screen. Type “other” as the name of your program and click Next. You can leave the optional filters blank.

Step 3

On the next screen, type in the name of your degree program.

Step 4

On the next page, you will be asked to provide additional program details, including study period start and study period end dates. You will use these dates to create a single term study period. In the sample screenshot below we provided start and end dates for the fall term of the 2020-21 academic year.

Note: In this example we used the first day of fall term classes as the study period start date and the last day of the fall term exam period as the study period end date. The corresponding dates for the Winter term of 2021 are Jan 11 to April 27.

Answer the rest of the questions on this page and click Next. The School and Program section of the application is now complete.

Step 5

Complete the remaining sections of the OSAP application. When you are ready, submit the application.