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Financial Literacy Month 2022

November is Financial Literacy Month, and we have some exciting content coming up to help you better understand your money! Throughout November we’ll be sharing posts, tweets, and hosting a virtual event, all designed to increase your knowledge in the world of personal finance. Here are a few things that you can expect from us all month long:

Virtual Event

If you’ve ever wanted a short introduction to money, then we’ve got you covered! We’ll be hosting a TD Introduction to Money Management virtual event on November 22 that covers the basics of budgeting, credit, and investing! To learn more about the event and sign up, you can sign up at our Intro to Money Management event page.

Blog Posts

Every Tuesday and Thursday we’ll be releasing news posts about different personal financial topics. Want to know what your horoscope says about your finances? What about learning more about a credit score? Be sure to check back to our news post section twice a week for new content about your money.

Daily Tweets

Make sure to follow the Awards Office on Twitter for daily tweets related to Financial Literacy Month! Throughout the month we’ll have recommendations on books, podcasts, and YouTube channels that will help you learn about the best ways to manage your money.