1. View Your OSAP Entitlement
  2. Confirmation of Enrolment
    1. Full-time OSAP
    2. Part-time OSAP
  3. Receive Your Funds via Direct Deposit
    1. Full-time OSAP
    2. Part-time OSAP

View Your OSAP Entitlement

Once your OSAP application has been assessed and a funding entitlement has been calculated for you, you will be able to access a funding summary through your online OSAP account. Your funding summary breaks down your OSAP entitlement by funding program and aid type (loans, grants). You will also be able to see details for each instalment and when your funds are scheduled to be released.

Now that you know how much OSAP funding you are receiving it is a great time to begin budgeting. Preparing a budget will allow you to see how far your OSAP funding will go toward covering your tuition fees, textbooks, supplies and living expenses. In preparing your budget, also be sure to consider any bursary and scholarship funding you expect to receive for the coming school year as well as any savings you have set aside to help fund your studies. Prepare your school year budget before September and you will have peace of mind for the year ahead and be able to better focus on your studies once classes begin. Head on over to our budgeting page to get started.

In the meantime, continue to monitor your application as outlined in our application instructions. Confirmation of Enrolment and the release of your funding will not happen until school starts.

Confirmation of Enrolment

Before your funding can be released each term, the Awards Office must confirm your enrolment at Carleton with OSAP.

Full-time OSAP

As long the application status of your OSAP account (ontario.ca/osap) is at “Funding” and the only required item on your Check Status page is “your school must confirm that you are enrolled in full-time studies”, your enrolment will be confirmed electronically by the Awards Office. This is typically done a few days prior to your funding release date each term.

How and when is my enrolment confirmed?

The Awards Office office will attempt to automatically confirm your enrolment to OSAP, a few days prior to your funding release date for each term. If you have not submitted all required documents your OSAP will be placed on hold and your enrolment will not be confirmed. You should regularly check your Carleton email account for messages from the Awards Office regarding your OSAP application.

How can I ensure my funding is released as soon as possible each term?

To ensure your OSAP is released as soon as possible when each term begins, the most important thing you can do is apply as early as possible. Follow our OSAP Timeline and apply during the recommended time frame. Make sure to monitor your application regularly as outlined in Applying for OSAP and submit any outstanding documents as soon as possible. Finally, make certain that you are registered in the course load that you specified on your OSAP application. If you fail to register in the required course load by the beginning of the funded term, your funding will be delayed.

Part-time OSAP

You will receive an email from the Awards Office notifying you that your Student Loan and Grant Certificate is ready for you to pick up at the Awards Office. Your enrolment will be confirmed in our office when you do so. You will also be required to sign your Financial Assistance Agreement for Part-time Students at that time. Remember to bring appropriate identification with you.

Receive Your Funds via Direct Deposit

When you review your “Funding Summary” through your online OSAP account, it will display how much funding is available each term.

Full-time OSAP

Full-time OSAP funding is generally released in two instalments: typically you will receive 60% of your entitlement at the start of the fall term and 40% at the start of the winter term.

After we confirm your enrolment it typically takes 5-10 business days for you to receive your money. If you properly filled out your banking information on your MSFAA, the money will be automatically deposited into your account.

Note that unless you specified otherwise in your online OSAP application, a portion of your funding will automatically be sent to Carleton to pay your tuition.  For more information visit our paying your tuition with OSAP page.

Part-time OSAP

Part-time OSAP funding is generally released in one large instalment at the beginning of the fall term, although a small portion of your grant funding may be held until the beginning of your second term. Once you have picked up your Part-time Student Loan and Grant Certificate and signed your Financial Assistance Agreement from the Awards Office, you will be required to deliver both to a designated Canada Post outlet along with two pieces of appropriate identification.

The good news is, there is a designated Canada Post outlet on campus in the University Centre. You will receive your funding via direct deposit within 5 – 10 business days of dropping both forms off.

Your federal and provincial funding amounts may be deposited into your account a few days apart. This is normal.