1. How Paying Your Tuition With OSAP Works
    1. 1. Your payment due date is extended
    2. 2. Automatic redirection of OSAP funding to Carleton University is optional

How Paying Your Tuition With OSAP Works

If you plan to pay your tuition and compulsory fees with OSAP, there is important information you need to know.

1. Your payment due date is extended

Many students worry because OSAP is released after classes start and by then Carleton’s tuition fee payment due date has passed. If you are paying your tuition and fees with OSAP, your payment due date is extended so that it aligns with when your OSAP is released. This payment deferral happens automatically provided certain conditions are met.

To receive a payment deferral, the following requirements must be met by the standard payment due dates of August 25th for the Fall term and November 25th for the winter term.

The Application Status of your OSAP account (ontario.ca/osap) must be at “Funding” and the only item with a status of required is “your school must confirm that you are enrolled in full-time studies.” See image below.

screenshot of check status page on OSAP account

Check Status page of OSAP account

Your OSAP processing status on Carleton Central must be “Entitlement Approved.” If your processing status shows as “On Hold” or “Processing” please check your Carleton before calling us for instructions on how to proceed. Chances are we have reached out to you already.

You must have submitted all required supporting documentation to the Awards Office. Please allow sufficient time for processing (two weeks minimum, longer is better). Do not submit documentation the week of the deadline and expect it to be processed in time.

What if I don’t meet the requirements by the fee payment deadline?

You will not receive a deferral and will be subject to the standard late charge for the term in question.

2. Automatic redirection of OSAP funding to Carleton University is optional

When completing your online application for OSAP, you have two options concerning how your funding is disbursed.

Option 1: Allow partial redirection of funding to Carleton

This option is selected by default on the online OSAP application form. By leaving this option selected, you authorize OSAP to redirect a portion of your funding to Carleton University. The amount redirected will be used to pay your outstanding tuition fee balance for the current term.

The funds redirected to Carleton will ONLY be applied to your tuition and compulsory fees. If you plan to live on campus you must arrange to pay your residence fees yourself.

If you did not notice this question when applying and would like to revoke your authorization, you may do so at any time by notifying the Awards Office using this fee redirection form.

Option 2: No redirection of funding to Carleton

By selecting this option, you instruct OSAP to deposit all funding into the bank account you specified on your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA).

This option provides you with maximum control over how and when your OSAP funding is applied to your outstanding fees. Simply make an online banking payment to Carleton after you have received your funds at the beginning of each term.

Your responsibility

Whichever option you choose, it remains your responsibility to monitor your student account to ensure that all fees owing are received by Carleton. If your funding is not enough to cover your tuition and fees you must ensure you pay the remaining balance by your deferred due date.